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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Heart Uncontained

There's that pull again... That old call to run away. To run from the One that made me; the One that knows my needs before I do. You see me in my gardens; no amount of leaves can hide my shame. 

There's no place I can run that your love won't find me. You see me wherever I hide. You call me out with your whole heart. Singing over me with GRACE and MERCY. 

You don't see my sin, my broken heart. You picked up all the pieces and healed me, every piece of me. You give every part of who you are to make me whole! So I lay down my life at your feet, and here I stay. No more judgement... no more hiding underneath the blanket of SHAME and GUILT. No more shutting who I am in the closet of UNFORGIVENESS.

"You delight in showing mercy and mercy triumphs over judgement"

I am FREE! 

Bought by the blood of the lamb; who has made me white as snow!


Have you ever felt like running and hiding? I would love to hear how God has pulled you out of your hiding places. Leave a comment down below and light up the darkness.

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