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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Storm Is Raging

Have you ever had those moments like a storm is raging and you know you need to take refuge in a quiet place to regroup and make a game plan, a plan to save your family from drowning?

That's where I was a few weeks ago.

Watching the storm bellow and wanting to run and hide.
I didn't know how or where to start.
But that afternoon I knew something had to change.
Looking down at all those brown and blue eyes welling up, wet with pain and confusion, cause momma has down right lost it, and we are all pretty sure it's for good this time. 

Then it hit home, straight to the heart.

You need this!

You need this alone time...these moments to fall on your face and cry out to the one who ransomed you.

Listen...listen to the slow and steady beat of his voice saying I made you for this.

In my strength you will rise up and be called blessed. Only through me will your mourning turn to joy. Only when you keep your eyes on me will you find refuge from the storm. 

Leave a comment below sharing how you regroup after the pressures of life have left you weary. 

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