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Welcome! My name is Brandi, I'm married to my high school sweetheart and together we are raising a bakers' dozen.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


I'm in a different season in my life. I find myself worrying about things I never thought would enter my mind. 

Last night was dark... I was wondering, "God where are you? "Cause it feels like you've abandoned me." I fell asleep with tears streaming down my face and the love of my life lulling me to sleep with sweet prayers. 

I felt the difference before my eyes popped open. Even though I may have questioned God and the way He is handling my life right now🙈  He was still gentle with me. I didn't deserve it trust me. 

Do any of us?

The soft light from the sun reminded me of his gentle caress and how much he delights in me, like when the ray of light bounces through the window and you see the dust dancing around us. (It always reminded me of fairy dust as a child) 

As the day carries on he reminded me that He is with me. But what stood out the most was how three times the Lord brought to my heart (in different ways) "be still and know that I am God!" That amazes me! 
Why would God reach through time and touch me right when I need it. 

Undoing me...

Breaking apart all I have ever known and found comfort in, cause it wasn't good for me. Just to show me how wonderful I can be if I let go and let God. What did I ever do to be loved so much by God, why'd He choose me?

I love your word. My soul longs for it and when you speak to me I have no choice but to listen. My heart stops and I look for you. I seek you out like lost pearls. This game of hide and seek You play I enjoy. So I wait. Eyes closed. Feeling you move step by step closer to me. And now as I sit at Your feet I will trust that through all this you still got me; you know me, every detail of my being You know. And you are doing a wonderful work in me that one day I'll look back and say WOW! God really did know what He was doing and He is good cause He is God! He has a plan for me. 

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